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What Is Chromecast And How It Works

Google launched its playback device in 2013 but there are still many people who are wondering what Chromecast is . It is a small device, the size of a piece of toast, which is connected to the TV through a cable with HDMI port and allows receiving the signal from the multimedia devices connected in the same WiFi network. To put it succinctly: as you connect your TV to the Internet, it's an economical way to turn your traditional TV into a Smart TV.


What's more: if you bought a good TV before the boom of smart TVs, the best way to upgrade it and enjoy the best Netflix series or watch YouTube on your screen is buying this magical gadget. Many people think that internet is must and should for connecting to chrome but we can even connect and use chromecast without wifi & internet. You can get the complete info only. We tell you what you need to know to understand what Chromecast is for and why it's good to add it to your home. 

How Chromecast Works

The Google device converts any television on the market to Smart. The Chromecast works quite easily. To start using it you have to connect it to the HDMI port of the TV and link it to the WiFi network of our house, and then download the application that allows you to use it.
In this way, we can see on the screen of our television the content sent from our phone, computer or smartphone.

The good thing about Chromecast, unlike Apple TV , to give an example, is that it is compatible with both Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets , and iOS, whether iPhone , iPod or iPad , such as computers, have ChromeOS, Windows or Mac OS.

How To connect Chromecast

To start using Chromecast, we must first configure it. These are the steps to connect the device.


  • First of all, it is important to remember that the Google device needs power. You can get it directly from an outlet or by connecting to a USB port on our television.
  • Connect to the TV: The first thing to do is connect the Chromecast cable with our screen. It's as easy as using the HDMI cable .
  • Configure the device: the process can be done both from the application and from the Chrome browser. The first thing is to select the Chromecast you want to configure and wait a few seconds for it to connect. Once you have done so, a code will appear on both screens: if it is correct, everything is fine. Then you must name the device. If you are going to have several on different televisions, it is a good idea to indicate the environment in the name. At that time you will have to enter the Wifi password. This is important, since the Chromecast and the device from which you broadcast must be connected to the same network.
  • Reset: if we want to do the installation again, we have to press the only button on the device for thirty seconds. It is essential that you are connected to a power source until the light starts flashing red.

What Chromecast is for

The device allows to perform different activities taking advantage of the TV screen. We list some of its most interesting features.

  • Surf the Internet but only through Chrome.
  • See the contents of the phone on the television.
  • Stream movies online from the computer to the television.
  • Use the games from Google Play.
  • Control the TV from the smartphone.
  • Conduct videoconferences or use social networks.
  • Standard protocols: wifi direct, DLNA, Miracast, to be able to connect all kinds of devices to television without cables.